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To no surprise, the newly formed wildlife committee discussed deer management at its inaugural meeting, The Jamestown Press reported Nov. 4, 2005.

According to estimates, there are at least 400 members of the Conanicut herd, which is double the amount recommended by state biologists. The committee said there are two issues to vet in its coming meetings regarding deer: the prevention of Lyme disease and the protection of habitat.

100 years ago — Nov. 1, 1918
(Newport Mercury)

Fifty sailors from the naval training station have been loaned to farms on Aquidneck and Conanicut islands for the harvest. The men are husking corn.

Sailors hailing from farms in the Midwest were chosen because they are accustomed to the work. Thus far, 12 farms have benefited from their aid.

75 years ago — Nov. 1, 1943
(Newport Mercury)

The USS Murphy, under the command of Leonard Bailey, collided with a merchant ship in the North Atlantic, shearing off the forward structure of the 1,700-ton destroyer.

According to the U.S. Navy, the warship was safely towed into New York harbor despite the damage. Casualties, injuries and cause, however, were not reported.

Bailey, 38, lives on Calvert Place with his wife and four children in the former home of Capt. Chauncey Shackford.

50 years ago — Nov. 1, 1968
(Newport Daily News)

With the exception of egg throwing, the soaping of windows and shaving cream squirted on the sidewalks, it was a quiet Halloween night in the village.

No vandalism was linked to the gangs of teenagers that marched through the streets downtown. Several of the trick-or-treaters were brought to police headquarters but were released to their parents without being charged.

25 years ago — Nov. 4, 1993
(The Jamestown Press)

The assistant secretary of the U.S. Army has given the green light for a pipeline to be built from North Kingstown to North Pond via the old bridge.

According to Town Administrator Frances Shocket, the water line at the reservoir has never been this low, resulting in persistent pleas for residents to conserve water. The temporary plastic duct will be constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

10 years ago — Nov. 6, 2008
(The Jamestown Press)

Nearly 63 percent of town voters cast their ballots in favor of Barack Obama, the Democratic senator from Illinois who was elected the first black president in U.S. history.

Obama received 2,316 votes compared to 1,300 votes for Republican John McCain.

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