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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

The 5th Annual Ali Dunn Packer Memorial Road

Race will take place Sunday, June 4, at the Lt. Col. John C. Rembijas Memorial Pavilion in Ft. Getty.

The race is a benefit in memory of Ali, a 15-year-old island resident and student at LaSalle Academy, who died tragically in an automobile accident on June 3, 2001. All net proceeds from the event benefit youths who wish to pursue their interests in education, athletics, and the fine arts.

The 5K USATF-certified race, scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. will start and finish at Ft. Getty. Walkers are encouraged to participate. Registration begins at 10 a.m. A 1.5-mile free kid's run kicks off at noon.

There will be music, food, prizes, and activities for the entire family, plus free race T-shirts for the first 300 applicants. Complimentary lunch is provided for all runners and walkers.

For race information and registration, log on to www.alisrun.com. For other information please e-mail alisrun@ aol.com or call 423-9695.


The Friends of the Jamestown

Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services would like to remind us it is selling geraniums at the Memorial Day Parade. Joan McCauley said the plants have been selected and are a "gorgeous shade of red!"

"They will be available for $5 each, and anyone who buys three will receive a free Friends Tshirt, while supplies last! We'll be set up in front of the Fire Department Museum wearing our T-shirts," Joan said.


Kudos to last week's contributors,

all staunch supporters; the Jamestown Women's Club, Rose Fraley of Columbus Avenue, Philip and Marcia Lindsay of Constellation Court, and an anonymous donor.

The Dawgz are hungry, in fact, famished. Send us your money, and we'll blow it up. No town taxes go into the annual fireworks spectacular on July 4. It all happens because of the generosity of islanders.

Send your check made out to the Fireworks Fund to Box 1776, Jamestown, 02835. KA-BOOM!


Kudos to Jamestown's Babe

Ruth team, sponsored by Ali's Run, for its big 18-2 win Sunday night at Cardines Field in Newport.


Island post office workers on

May 13 delivered mail as usual but on that miserable, rainy day also picked up from residents on their routes packages of food stuffs for the local food bank.

It was the annual Stamp Out Hunger day sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers, in conjunction with the U. S. Postal Service.

Jamestown Postmaster Charles Burns said his crew collected 2,400 pounds of non-perishable food items. He said the weight was based on 70 postal tubs loaded with about 35 pounds each. The food was brought from the Post Office to the food bank at St. Mark to be distributed as needed.

Postal workers on duty that day and taking part in the collection were: Bob Horan, Charlie Sugalski, Peter Mullen, Mary Morrissey, Scott Godfrey, Natalie Byrne, T.J. Short, Mary Beth O'Neil, and Mary L'Heureux.

The postmaster, Peter Newbauer and Debbie Keech came in to help out on their day off.

Also on hand with three generations of good will were former carrier Vanessa Dunlop who came in with her 6-months-old daughter Riley and the two helped grandma Mary Morrissey.

Charlie Burns extended special thanks to Peter Newbauer, Bob Horan and T.J. Short, who transferred the food from the post office to St. Mark.

To be sure he had enough troops for the endeavor, the postmaster brought in "volunteers" Conor and Rory Burns, ages 12 and 11 respectively. "For the first hour or so they fought with each other over who would 'get to' collect the bags, and then fought for the rest of the day over who would not! They went AWOL around 1 p.m. and explored downtown finding their way to the Bead Shop for a Mother's Day present and to McQuade's for a cap gun," Charlie explained.

Charlie went on to proclaim "super-special thanks to the people of Jamestown, who were not only generous in their giving but were diligent in wrapping the food to avoid it getting soaked by the rain. Super kudos to all!

*** Pink bats? Another sign that Major League Baseball has seen its best days.


When the weather gets hot, we

humans find ways to cool off, but as Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic points out, our pets can't take off their coats.

"When it gets hot, our pets cannot change into shorts and Tshirts but are stuck wearing their fur coats and can only cool themselves by panting and sweating through their foot pads. Sometimes this is not enough and heat stroke is a real concern, especially if they are runners or joggers, spend all day outside, or are left in cars when the temperature is high. Signs of heatstroke include excessive panting, staggering, weakness, seizures, diarrhea or vomiting, and they can lead to coma and death if untreated.

"Short-nosed dogs like pugs and pets with heart or breathing issues are at a higher risk and need extra precautions to stay cool and comfortable. If you suspect heat stroke, then seek medical attention immediately! Use cool water, not ice water, on your pet on the way to the clinic or hospital. Even if your pet seems to recover at home, still have them seen because internal organ damage may not be reversible if you wait to seek medical attention."

Sounds like cool advice. Thanks, Doctor. WOOF!


Signs placed at the Four

Corners and East Ferry promoting island fund-raisers and other events is one thing. Signs advertising activities off island is something else.


Never dispute music with a

musician's son.

Charlie Masso writes, "The opening lyrics to this song, 'I Like The Wide Open Spaces' are: 'I like the wide open spaces, out where the cactus grows,' and I thought that was what you were looking for. I'm sorry and I hate to be wrong but I thought 'cacti grow' was a typo.

"The girl who sang this song with Arthur Godfrey, whose name escaped me last week, was Laurie Anders, a frequent guest on his show."

Charlie is no doubt right, but we do not remember Laurie Anders or the song.

What we do remember is "The Jerry Lester Show" and a statuesque blond knockout named Dagmar reciting, "I love the wide open spaces, out where the cacti grows."

If you'd seen her, you'd never forget her. Thanks Charlie.


More on the Jamestown

Community Theatre's annual meeting on Thursday, June 8, at 7 p.m. in the town library.

Kevin Somerville, the JCT's president, said, "We'll be celebrating the JCT's 'Sweet Sixteen' anniversary as an integral part of this town's diverse cultural and community offerings to its youth and adult population."

He added that all islanders are invited, "whether you're already active members or if you'd just like to learn more about us in anticipation of joining our ranks. There are opportunities for everyone to 'flex creative and organizational muscles,' whether it be on stage or behind the scenes. The theatre provides an unique opportunity for young and old alike to contribute to the 'fabric' of Jamestown, as well as to enrich their own lives through the fostering of new friendships along with honing of artistic skills and creative talents." BUFFO!


Tuesday is Memorial Day but

it's observed on Monday.

Flags should be at half staff until noon. Buy a poppy and remember its significance.

*** Be true!


We welcome your contributions

to this column. Any kind of stuff will do. Call us at 423-0383 or our cell, 829-2760. E-mail us at jtnwalrus@hotmail.com or drop the stuff off at the Jamestown Press.

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