2006-08-31 / Editorial

Summer's over and it's back to work

The preceding headline may not be entirely accurate since the majority of us have been working most of the summer. Yet the headline does typify the way we view Labor Day - the unofficial end of summer and the beginning of fall.

The Labor Day we celebrate today marks the final fling of summer. The three-day holiday weekend affords the opportunity for one last family outing, whether it be a camping trip, picnic, backyard barbeque, or weekend sail. There's a subtle change in the weather. The baseball season is coming to a close (thankfully, for the Red Sox fans) and the football games are just beginning. Before we realize it, Halloween and Thanksgiving have arrived.

Here in Jamestown, the tourists pack their bags and head for home on Labor Day weekend. The locals breathe a sigh of relief because they can now find a place to park on Narragansett Avenue. The island businesses gear up for the Christmas season and begin to look forward to the next busy summer season.

Kids know that Labor Day means the lazy days of summer vacation are over. Schools bells ring with the hectic pace of fall ahead. Classes start for some students before Labor Day arrives.

There are two major events in Jamestown that occur annually on the Labor Day weekend. The Museum of Yachting holds its Classic Yacht Regatta with the race around Conanicut Island. And the Conanicut Yacht Club hosts its round the island race, considered to be the oldest continuous yachting event on Narragansett Bay.

Labor Day was conceived as a celebration of the working classes, back when the working classes were fighting for fair wages and rights in the workplace. For the most part, those battles are behind us. After 100 years, Labor Day has simply become the holiday gateway from one season to the next.

Have a great weekend!

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