2006-08-31 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

A wonderful event takes place on the island every two years. It happens this year on Saturday, Sept. 16, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Dutra Farm.

It is the Conanicut Island Land Trust's Hey Day and brings everyone together to celebrate open space and enables us to enjoy the crinkling grass beneath our feet and the wonderful smells and sounds of nature's gifts to us all.

Incidentally, Hey Day is spelled correctly. It's defined by B. Jonson as 'An expression of frolic and exultation, and sometimes of wonder.' There is, however, lots of hay at Hey Day.

So much, in fact, that you'll be able to take rides in it. There'll also be intriguing nature walks.

And, you can just plain frolic away. Scheduled to entertain are the Jamestown Community Band, the Jamestown Community Chorus, and, if all goes well, Emily Anthony's much acclaimed Jamestown Fiddlers.

A silent auction will get a lot of attention, and children's games will keep the young ones occupied.

Exhibits will include representatives from the Aquidneck Island Land Trust, the Audubon Society of R.I., Rose Island Lighthouse

Foundation, Jamestown Historical Society, Friends of the Conanicut Battery, the Jamestown Conservation Commission, Jamestown tree committee, and the Rhode Island Grange.

The event is free and the rain date is the following day.

The Dutra Farm is on Weeden Lane, off North Road. Stay tuned!


Walrus, Oh, Walrus,

What's with the maple trees? They are all brown and crinkly

and losing their leaves. Raking in August just doesn't

seem right. Is it global warming or some

kind of blight?

You with your connections,

Oh, brave Walrus, Oh! We are sure you can find out

what we need to know.

Your loyal readers, The Jamestown Moonbathers

Moonbathers Oh Moonbathers

Such loyal readers, yes.

We did our very best for you and called Matt Largess.

And, the tree guru explained to us why the maples are making such a mess.

It seems spring's rain saturated the leaves' fungus (anthracnose)

and its weight made the trees undress.

But Matt says not to worry if fall raking is your thing.

The maples will be like new again in the spring. Your humble servant, The Walrus


A reader asked, Why is there a

fence around the sewer plant but none around the water plant? Dunno, must be that old common sense thing again.


Jamestown actor Ed Silvia can

be seen Sunday night in the 9th episode of 'The Brotherhood' on Showtime at 10.

He appears in the role of a state representative who takes the side of the mob at a family funeral.


When in the great outdoors

with your pet be alert to the pet's activities to avoid contact with certain parasites, says Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic.

"There are some infections that our pets can expose us to that we should know about. A common intestinal parasite in young animals, outdoor camping and hunting pets, and people who go camping is a protozoa called giardia. This parasite can be picked up in the water from ponds and streams as well as when sanitary conditions are poor. It can spread to humans and animals from the waste of infected animals. Fortunately, it is easily killed with proper cleaning and sanitation and treatment is usually simple and effective.

"Another developing disease that is in outdoor water sources is fever, lethargy, and joint pain, which are similar to many other diseases and may make diagnosis more difficult, requiring specialized testing." WOOF!


He made the night a little

brighter wherever he would go. . . .


No wonder people are switching

to cell phones.

Saturday we had a problem with our home dial tone and called Verizon repair. After having to speak to a computer, we eventually were told how to trouble shoot the problem ourselves.

Talking to a technician earlier, we explained that we pay extra for service each month and asked how long it would take to get someone to my home if we can't solve the problem?

Five days he said.

We thanked him and closed our cell phone.


If you think utility bills are

high now, wait until NationalGrid merges with New England Gas and becomes the ConEd of Rhode Island.


Don't forget Wendy Rafferty's

Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund walk on Sept. 17.

She plans to hoof it 26.2 miles to raise money for the DanaFarber Cancer Institute.

You can send a donation to Wendy at 13 Plymouth Rd., Jamestown, RI 02835.


The ProJo headline read,

'Stress took toll on Ortiz' and explained that the stress was brought on by the daily pressure of playing baseball for the Red Sox.

Can you imagine? He's paid millions to play a child's game and that's stressful.

*** There is some hope though. Football is here.


On Sept. 1, 1939, World War II


Monday is Labor Day. Fly the flag, please.

*** Be true!


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