2006-12-14 / Letters to the Editor

Memorable film set visit

My name is Laura Katz and I am in the eighth grade at Lawn School. I was chosen by lottery to attend the filming of “Dan In Real Life,” at Lawn on a recent Saturday morning. Scott Levine greeted Lacey Segal, the other student chosen, Dr. Power and me. Lacey and I exchanged anxious giggles and went our way following him through the courtyard. We were led through the gym into the hallway where we were welcomed by bright lights and bustling people. I saw to my left a large camera on a track with heavy fluorescent lights beaming above it. To my right there was a man in a corduroy jacket that I would later realize was Steve Carrell. Steve has appeared in numerous movies and television shows such as “The Office,” a personal favorite of mine. Standing next to him was a small girl with red hair who I later discovered was Marlene Lewston. Marlene has starred in many young roles, including a role in the recent movie “Flight Plan.” Scott introduced us to numerous people whose names I couldn’t remember even if I had the brain of John Travolta in “Phenomena.” Lacey and I watched the cast and crew work very hard to film a scene, which was interrupted by Scott introducing us to the crew.

Toward the end when the hustle and bustle had gone to full throttle, we had a quick encounter with Steve Carrell. I had my picture taken with him and Lacey got an autograph. Once outside, awakened by a chilling fall air, Lacey and I sat on the cold stone bench under the baby apple tree talking about how lucky we were. How did my head feel so light at that moment and yet not float away!

Laura Katz


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