2011-07-07 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds

By John A. Murphy jamurphy@jamestownlawyer.com

We have to hope that the intelligent and principled [few?] among our country’s national legislators will rise to the occasion and do the right thing to help our Republic navigate the treacherous shoals which we now confront.

It seems, at times, that hypocritical posturing for the satisfaction of those perceived as core supporters will rule the day, and force the nation into still greater danger. A pompous sense of self-importance, perhaps understandable in those who serve as junior high school hall monitors, is not at all what we need.

This is a bi-partisan problem. Both sides of the current debate need to check their egos. Posturing for the next campaign should not be the modus operandi. Re-election is not the penultimate value. Doing what is right for the country and all of its citizens should be the guiding principles.

This is being written on July 1. It may be unrealistic, but one hopes that by the time you read this, that progress has been made to resolve in a positive fashion the impasse hamstringing our nation’s government.

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