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The Walrus Says


The Jamestown Arts Center went to the dogs Saturday as five canines showed up to audition for artistic director Mary Wright to play the role of Toto in the Jamestown Community Theatre’s upcoming production of “The Wizard of Oz.” Five small canines answered the audition call and each was given a half an hour to show his or her abilities with commands and their compatibility with the young lady who will play Dorothy and her understudy. Owners were asked to leave the room.

First up was an 18-month-old white rescue dog of unknown breed named Mia. Owned by Lisa Carlisle, Mia dressed up for the occasion with a purple bandana around her neck. She explored the room, was very calm and demonstrated her ability to sit and stand on her hind legs to receive a treat.

Tessi is also a rescue dog found in the parking lot at a McDonalds in Texas. She is a 18-month-old light brown Norfolk mix, and because of her Texas origin, only accepts tortillas as a treat. Owned by Nora Santamour, Tessi was very relaxed and easily handled by the two Dorothys.

A former resident of a pet store in Warwick, Beau is a 10-month-old white lhasa-poo with black spots. The youngest of those who auditioned, Beau held his own up against the older dogs working easily with the Dorothys. He is owned by Carol Hopkins.

The smallest of the aspiring actors was Ringo, a 1-year-old black and tan Yorkshire terrier owned by Cindy Wolfe. Ringo showed up with a red, white and blue bandana, and after checking out everyone in the hall reacted well with the young human actors.

The last to audition was Maggie, a 3-year-old Chihuahua-schnauzer mix. She is owned by Valerie McLaughlin and was the second smallest of the five. She was fully relaxed and easy to handle. She also tried to ingratiate herself with everyone by giving lots of sloppy kisses.

The dogs selected for the Toto role and the understudy will be announced in next week’s column.



Islander Frank Darigan can’t remember how long he’s been emceeing the yearly talent shows presented by the Jamestown Community Chorus but says it’s over 10 years. He’ll be on stage again introducing performers at the 22nd edition next Thursday, Aug. 18th, at 7:30 p.m. at the rec center.

Frank says that one of the most gratifying aspects of being emcee is to highlight the talents of the youngsters as he introduces them. “I take the time to learn about them, their schools and interests. It is really great to see the youngsters progress each year as they return and see them progress also through roles in the Jamestown Community Theatre, from early bit players to leads in many cases.”

He says that some of the individual acts in the talent shows that he recalls fondly are the late John Biddle’s many appearances as Victor Borge, and dancing with his granddaughter. He also remembers the late Bill Karl’s appearance as a lounge lizard and the Kathy Brownell follies, which has appeared in every talent show but the first one.

He said, “More recent standouts include the Accidental Sisters and their rendition of ‘Hail Holy Queen’ a la Whoopie Goldberg; that was a real classic. Also memorable has been watching Aaron Cote progress from a very talented youngster on drums to an accomplished adult musician. This talent show is really unique. It showcases talent in a friendly, nonthreatening environment and brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to our island community.”

Auditions for the show will be held on Monday, Aug. 15, and Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the rec center. Raffle tickets for prizes of $200, $150, $100 and $50 will be sold this weekend outside McQuade’s Marketplace and on the sidewalk near Jamestown Hardware. Winners will be announced at the show and they need not be in attendance.


Kathy Westall, Larry Lewis and Debra Vierra Murphy checked in with the answer to last week’s poser. Larry wrote, ”The Beach Boys’ song is ‘In My Room.’ I had to respond, as I’m seeing Brian Wilson in concert in Clearwater, Fla. Brian was the band’s leader, primary songwriter and overall resident genius, easily on a par with the likes of Sir Paul McCartney. Each man greatly admires the other’s work. Curiously, they were born two days apart in 1942.”

Thanks, Larry.


A PawsWatch summer raffle and feline fundraising program is underway on the island with tickets for the $500 prize available at Island Animal. Tori Hellewell of Island Animal explains what PawsWatch is all about. “PawsWatch provides veterinary care (spay/neuter and vaccinations) to approximately 1,000 cats across Rhode Island. Working with local veterinarians who provide discounted services, volunteers trap feral cats, transport them to veterinary appointments and return them to their familiar habitat where they have food and shelter, and monitor those colonies.”


I’m glad the new Fort Getty pavilion will stay where it’s always been. Climbing those hills is tough on us old timers.


Do you remember that horse? John A. Murphy writes, “I just read a column in which the SPCA was mentioned, and a memory flashed into my mind of a visit about 60 years ago to the old Providence office of that organization. My father and I were there to adopt a puppy. I remember the man running the office and kennel was sitting at a desk next to a very large stuffed horse. A real horse. Done up fully by a taxidermist. I wonder whether any readers of your column also remember that horse. I wonder what happened to it.”



Oh, drinkin beer in a cabaret,

Was I havin fun!

Until one night she caught me right,

And now I’m on the run.


Thanks to Patrolman Ronald Jacobson who promptly responded to my request for an officer to pick up a small stray dog without a collar that was wandering around in my yard. The dog was taken to safe quarters at police headquarters.


Jamestown is one of only three towns mentioned in an item about Little Rhody’s long coastline in the Aug. 5 issue of The Week magazine. The article on the travel page read, “... make sure not to skip Jamestown, ‘a sailor’s dream if there ever were one.’”



I’m thoroughly fed up and ashamed of the politicians in Washington – all of them.

“Project Runway” is back on Thursday evenings at 9.

I’m tired of the number of commercials jammed into five minutes.

Should we now call photographers imagers?


The Jamestown Arts Center will present selections from the Rhode Island Inernational Film Festival tonight and tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Tonight “Dream Giver,” a USA animation film, will be shown followed by “Inuk,” from France and Greenland. Producers and cast members from Greenland are expected to be in attendance.

Tomorrow night four films will be shown; “Knock Knock” from the USA; “Pom Pom,” an animation from France; “Nullarbor,” an animation from Australia; and “Sedona,” from the USA.

Admission is $10 at the door.


Sunday is V-J Day, commemorating the day the carnage stopped in the Pacific and ending World War II. Some say noting the day isn’t politically correct and it offends the Japanese people. Maybe so, but more than 100,000 Americans died and there was a total of 354,000 U.S. casualties in the Pacific. Japan is now a rich nation and one of our close allies. On Sunday, fly the flag and say a prayer for those brave souls who lost their lives in that conflict.


Saturday’s full moon is the Sturgeon Moon.


Be true!


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