2012-01-26 / About Town

Accepting Apllications

The Melrose Avenue Preschool is currently accepting applications for the 2012-13 school year. All children applying to the preschool must first be screened through the Jamestown Child Outreach Program. Once the application is filed with the child outreach coordinator, an appointment will be scheduled. Each session is three hours long, with a morning and an afternoon session each day except Friday, when there is a morning session only. Children attend two, three or four days per week, depending on their age. Tuition is based on the number of days a child attends. Because of the size of the classroom, space is limited and children are selected by a random lottery, which will take place during the first week of March. All applications will be placed in the lottery. Children must be 3 years old to be screened. If children younger are accepted, they must be screened as soon as they turn 3. Children cannot start school without this screening. Applications can be picked up


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