2012-06-14 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds


Time to say goodbye.

What is now occurring in Jamestown brings to mind the bittersweet poignancy of the beautiful song by that name.

We see at homes throughout the village and in our outlying neighborhoods, moving vans being loaded by young families.

What is occurring is the annual departure of some of our military families. These are the families of officers who come here to participate in educational programs at the Naval War College, leaving at the end of those programs.

The reputation of our island as a good place to live, particularly for families with school-age children, leads many officers to seek Jamestown homes to rent while they attend the War College. We are most fortunate to have them here in our community.

Each of these families makes an important contribution to our community. Despite the fact that they must move fairly often, the children of these families frequently are among the top students in the Jamestown schools and great participants in local arts, sports and scouting programs. The moms and dads of military families make important contributions in these programs, serving as coaches and in other leadership positions.

So to them we offer our gratitude for all that you have done during your stay here. We shall miss you. We hope that you will remain safe in your future assignments.

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