2012-10-18 / Editorial

After 3 years, Town Council has its final meeting

The final official act of the sitting Town Council members was a good deed, as the councilors voted to approve an additional funding request for an affordable housing project.

As many of our readers are aware, Jamestown has an inadequate number of residences that are considered official “affordable housing” by the state. Ten percent of the island residences must meet the affordable housing category by 2035. Currently about 4 to 5 percent of island homes meet the regulations. That means an additional 140 residences are needed.

The $50,000 approved by the Town Council will assist with a current project now underway.

We say kudos to the council members for keeping the affordable housing project moving.

We would also like to thank the five Town Council members for their three years of service to the community. One council member has served more than one term.

Many people do not realize that serving on the Town Council is a huge time commitment. Councilors not only have two to three council meetings to attend and prepare for each month, but they also serve as liaisons to the town’s boards and commissions.

The Town Council job can be a thankless task at best. There are often two or more sides to many votes that must be cast. No matter what the decision, some of the council members’ constituency may be disappointed at the outcome.

Probably the biggest task facing the Town Council is to maintain the town property, equipment and services while keeping the property tax rate affordable. The current council has done well on that front.

On Nov. 6 islanders will go to the polls to elect a new Town Council. This year Jamestown is fortunate to have 10 islanders who would like to serve on the Town Council.

— Jeff McDonough

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