2012-10-18 / Letters to the Editor

Annual Jamestown Classic was a success

Thank you, Jamestown, for helping the 37th annual Rotary Club bike race to achieve a great success! On behalf of myself, a past president, and Jim Perry, current president, we would like to express our appreciation to the many islanders who volunteered their time and assistance before or during the race; race friends who cheered at various curves, junctions and at the start and finish lines; and all of you who tolerated – though you may have been slightly inconvenienced – bands of riders on the streets from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

We had a fair number of visitors, beginning on Oct. 7 into the holiday. Many of these people rented guest quarters for a night or two, visited restaurants, shopped along Narragansett Avenue, and generally got acquainted with our town.

On Oct. 7, Rotarians and friends of the bike race gathered at the rec center to receive instructions regarding registration, assisting clusters of cyclists as leaders or followers, or serving as road marshals at major traffic points. Volunteers acquitted themselves marvelously.

Mike Devito, our friend from BankNewport, drove his car as a follow vehicle along with a biking official in three separate heats. Mike had not assisted the bike race previously. Next year he plans to be a lead-car driver. We hope all our volunteers come back.

Thanks to the Jamestown Police Department, including Chief Mello, for working well with all constituents and keeping the roads safe. Gratitude goes to Mike Gray and the Public Works Department, who provided the racers and all of us with the most safe and well-repaired roads in the 10 years we have worked the race. Jamestown Boy Scouts often partner with Rotarians, and we appreciated their presence to do errands, lug things around, assist with set-up and clean-up chores, and work with the marshals.

The number of sponsors for the race grew this year and we deeply appreciate the generosity of businesses whose names appeared on our T-shirt. Alan Atwood is a bike racing professional and we were glad for his help with registration and organizational work with us.

Rotary is about having a good time while also serving others. We meet Thursdays at 7:15 a.m. If you would like to be our guest, please contact me (423-9199) or Jim Perry (423-0609).

Jim Traer
Intrepid Lane

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