2014-10-09 / Editorial

Send your news to the Jamestown Press

A reader recently commented to me that one of her children had graduated from an out-of-state college and there was no school announcement in the Jamestown Press.

I asked if the reader had sent an announcement to the paper and she replied, “No.”

We can’t report what we don’t know.

So this editorial is to remind our readers and advertisers that we welcome your news — you just have to send it to us!

We want to hear all about those family milestones. Births and deaths, of course. But also send us the news of major wedding anniversaries, job promotions or new jobs, awards, volunteer work and anything else that you might think of that you would like your neighbors to know about.

The Press also wants to hear about your family’s sports activities. School sports (local, high school and college) and all amateur sports are important fodder for our sports pages. Just let us know.

Jamestown has a large number of community service organizations. We encourage news about your group’s activities, such as officer elections. If your group is planning an event, please send us an announcement several weeks ahead of time.

We also remind our advertisers that we welcome your business news. If you have questions about your news, just call the paper and ask for the editor.

We also welcome your pictures. Of course, “Where in the world is the Jamestown Press?” is a continuing popular mainstay in our weekly paper. Just take a picture with the Jamestown Press during your out-ofstate travels and send it to us.

You may also send us pictures of your children’s first birthdays. Send us your graduation pictures and award pictures, too.

We are always looking for interesting pictures of people doing stuff in Jamestown. We only ask that you send us a high resolution photograph so that it will reproduce well.

Where should you send all of this information? Just email it to news@jamestownpress.com.

Again, we would like to remind you that if you don’t send us your news, we won’t know about it. We have a small staff and cannot be everywhere. So email your news to us and we will share it with all of Jamestown. Remember, if you have any questions, just call and talk to the editor.

— Jeff McDonough

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