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Island History

Following the resignation of Town Administrator Maryanne Crawford, the Jamestown Town Council appointed Police Chief Thomas Tighe to the interim post, reported The Jamestown Press June 17, 2004. William Donovan, who recently was promoted to lieutenant, will become acting police chief. Residents Bill Kelly, Bob Dolan and Greg Babich volunteered to fill the vacancy, but the councilors agreed a transition with Tighe would be easiest because he already was part of the administration. The appointment was unanimous.

100 years ago — June 16, 1916 (Newport Daily News) The board of directors of the Jamestown-Newport Ferry Co. conferred with the board of aldermen about removing the police station and improving the ferry approach in Newport. A satisfactory agreement was reached and work will commence at once.

75 years ago — June 23, 1941 (Newport Daily News) Volunteers selected to assist in the second registration under the terms of the Selective Service law will to be sworn in and receive their instructions. The chairman of the Newport draft board received permission from the state to allow volunteers from Jamestown and Block Island to register in their home communities. John E. Hammond, town clerk of Jamestown, will take charge.

50 years ago — June 18, 1966 (Newport Daily News) The state Supreme Court ruled victims of prenatal injuries are allowed to sue for punitive damages. The decision reversed a legal precedent established in Rhode Island at the turn of the century.

A $350,000 lawsuit was brought against Jamestown Dr. Alfred B. Gobeille by a father whose infant girl was born with an impaired heart and hearing defects. The physician, according to the suit, failed to provide the correct medicine for the plaintiff’s pregnant wife. She had been exposed to German measles.

The high court overturned a Superior Court decision from 1901 that said no suit could be brought by a person for injuries suffered while in the mother’s womb.

25 years ago — June 21, 1991 (The Jamestown Press) Jamestown Councilwoman Mary Meagher will abide by the state Ethics Commission, which ruled that serving on the council poses as a conflict of interest with her job as an architectural designer. In accordance with the opinion, Meagher will not appear before town officials to seek permits for her Jamestown clients.

10 years ago — June 22, 2006 (The Jamestown Press) Katherine Sipala resigned as superintendent of Jamestown schools. After serving fours years, she took the superintendent’s position in the Narragansett school district. “Our loss is Narragansett’s gain,” said Cathy Kaiser, chairwoman of the school committee.

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