2016-06-16 / Letters to the Editor

Think of better ways to enforce speeding

To the editor:

We were disappointed to read in The Jamestown Press the Jamestown Traffic Committee already has approved four more flashing radar-activated speeding signs. There are better ways to achieve traffic calming than these jarring signs, with their strobe effects, light pollution and inherent accusation of guilt since they light up for drivers going below the speed limit. Our zoning ordinance prohibits businesses from operating signs like this because of their visual pollution.

We believe a better approach would be a combination of traffic-calming devices, like gentle speed bumps and more realistic speed limits. The new “slow” signs in the median on Southwest Avenue and Mackerel Cove are fine. At the very least, the electronic signs should stay dark unless you are 5 mph or more over the limit. Also, while 25 mph in Mackerel Cove makes total sense on a summer day, it is ridiculous in January. Maybe different summer and non-summer speed limits would make more sense here.

We live on Beavertail, and with this plan our return home through otherwise gorgeous, rural and relaxing Jamestown will be a series of ugly electronic alerts that make even law-abiders feel guilty and distracted. We can do better. We hope the police chief, traffic committee and town council rethink this plan.

Don and Kitty Wineberg
Beavertail Road

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