2018-05-10 / Letters to the Editor

Time to stand up and speak for one’s beliefs

To the editor:

I enjoyed reading the letters regarding the town council’s proposed “bundling” of issues for a November referendum, probably because I agreed whole-heartedly with their negative response to that proposal.

I did, however, notice one very serious omission in almost all of the responses, any consideration of the function of the annual financial town meeting.

There seems to be a concern that that meeting — one of the few remaining vestiges of the truly democratic process — is somehow unfair to voters.

Even in this era of trigger warnings, safe spaces, and delicate, tearful egos, the unfortunate reality of the conflict of ideas in a public place, i.e., democracy in an open forum such as the town meeting, still has its irreplaceable utility.

Let’s get back to the uncomfortable business of standing up and speaking out for our beliefs, and stop taking everything personally.

Richard Murphy
North Main Road

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