2018-08-09 / Letters to the Editor

Police do good job, should be applauded for efforts

To the editor:

I feel lucky to have lived in town for almost 50 years, and that our relationship with the police is unlike those most other communities have.

We have a perception of safety; we feel we can communicate and have the support of the police at all times. We feel our homes and ourselves are safe. You can’t say that in most places.

I welcome the calls from Chief Ed Mello during weather emergencies and public service emergencies. It was great police work finding the two suspects who allegedly broke into several homes in town. We had two robocalls during the period of search and capture. Thank you, Jamestown police — we know there always will be bad guys out there, but we feel protected.

I do not take our harmonious relationship for granted. That is saying a lot when you hear, read and see the fractured relationships other communities have with their police. I know the national climate has a trickle-down effect that can change our lives. Sharing mutual trust with everyone is what makes the island strong.

I know law enforcement isn’t an easy job, especially if you aren’t familiar with the people in your community. Times are changing, so I pray for the rights of individuals, including the protection of immigrants, legal and undocumented.

Many of us in this country had to escape the hate and violence that was growing in Europe not too long ago. Today, we need to stop fearing people who look different from us and aren’t breaking any law. We need to support the complicated challenges our police have when working in conjunction with a changing community.

Positive relationships are not based on controversial disagreements. Don’t let hate grow.

Nancy Kolman Ventrone
Nautilus Street

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